Etiket arşivi: seviye 2


A Chinese boat was fishing in Argentina’s waters which it was not supposed to do. Argentinian coastguard warned the boat, but the Chinese didn’t answer.
Then the boat was trying to collide with the coastguard. The Argentinians decided to take action and attack the boat. They shot holes in different parts of the fishing boat which then sank.
They rescued four Chinese. Others abandoned the ship and another Chinese ship picked them up.


Difficult words: coastguard (the police in the ocean), collide (to hit), abandon (to leave).

English News – Boy’s dreams come true

English News – Boy’s dreams come true

A boy from a poor family in Afghanistan captured the Internet’s heart after he customised a plastic bag into a Lionel Messi shirt.
The five-year-old boy had his dreams come true, as the footballer sent him a package with a football and two football jerseys. One jersey is from the Barcelona team and the second one is from the Argentina team.
The Afghan boy is happy and he proudly wears his number 10 football jerseys.


Difficult words: capture (to catch), customise (to change something the way that you like it), jersey (a sports shirt).

War children of Syria

İngilizce Haberler Seviye 2 – War children of Syria
The war in Syria is now five years old, and people are finding out that it is affecting an entire generation of children. It is a serious problem.

These children know brutality, many are in poverty, many need emergency help, and few go to school. Some children have lost one of their parents, some have left Syria, and some live in dangerous conditions. People worry what will happen to these children as they grow up living through this war.


Zor Kemlimeler: generation (a group of people born at a certain time), brutality (violence), poverty (being very poor).