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Argentina sinks a Chinese boat

An incident happens in Argentina’s waters. There is a Chinese ship. It must not fish there. An Argentinian coastguard comes to the ship.
The Chinese ship moves towards the coastguard. It wants to hit the coastguard. The coastguard warns the ship.
The ship does nothing. The coastguard attacks. It damages the boat and it goes down.
The coastguard saves four Chinese. Another Chinese ship saves the others.


Difficult words: incident (a situation when something bad happens), coastguard (the police in the ocean), damage (to break).
You can read the original story and watch the video in the Level 3 section.

Boy’s dreams come true

İngilizce Haberler Seviye 1 – Boy’s dreams

İngilizce Haberler Seviye 1 – Boy’s dreams

This news is about a boy. He is five years old. He is from Afghanistan. He likes football and Lionel Messi.
He comes from a poor family. They cannot buy a Lionel Messi jersey. The boy wears a plastic bag. It looks like the jersey.
People film the boy and put the video on the Internet. Lionel Messi sees the boy and he sends the boy a package.
There are two jerseys and a football in the package. One jersey is from Barcelona, and one is from Argentina. The boy is happy. He wears the jerseys.

Difficult words: jersey (a sports shirt), package (a box with things inside it).

İngilizce Haberler Seviye 1 – War children of Syria

The war in Syria is now five years old. Many Syrian children know only war. They do not know peace.
They are very poor and they need help. These children do not know about school.
Some children leave Syria with their families. They live in other places. Some have to stay in Syria.
People hope the ceasefire will keep going. The ceasefire will keep the children safe.
People worry about this generation of Syrian children. They worry what will happen to them when they grow up.


Zor Kelimeler: peace (the opposite of war), ceasefire (when people in a war agree not to fight), generation (people born at one time).