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How Turkey Can Compete with the Global Academic Market

Countries are investing heavily in higher education systems in order to get a strong position in the cultural, social and economic competition in the world.

As economic growth and qualified higher education are directly related, many countries in the global competitive environment are re-evaluating their higher education systems depending on economic and social goals and they are establishing new objectives for themselves. Many countries, which have significantly increased their enrollment rates in higher education, aim to become a center of attraction for education and research in the international higher education market. In order to achieve this, huge resources are allocated and numerous large-scale and large-budget projects are introduced. For instance, examining the projects that China, South Korea and Singapore have implemented in their higher education systems over the last 10 years will be enough to understand the huge competition going on in the world, not only in the economy but also in higher education. 

İngilizce kısa makale:The coldest village in the world

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Do you have a feeling that this winter is very cold? Think about the people who live in one Russian town. They say that they live in the coldest town on Earth. The name of their town is Oymyakon. The town is in Siberia.

The temperatures very often go down to minus 60. The people say that these low temperatures last sometimes for ten days.
There is another special thing in their town. It is a horse. The horse lives in these low temperatures. The horse is small but very strong. The horse can live through very cold winters.
Difficult words: coldest (most cold), low (down).